Gudang Berisi Bahan-Bahan Kimia di Temukan Tentara Syria

Damaskus ~ Tentara Suriah telah menyita sebuah gudang yang berisi drum kimia berlabel Made In Saudi Arabia dan sejumlah masker.

536762_630733713613358_1292452303_n 1239936_630733693613360_1534889218_n 574502_630734080279988_2034181947_n 1233339_630734190279977_1459450167_n 1234480_630734253613304_319342564_n 1157617_630734313613298_1399936415_n 1098312_630734333613296_1699390340_n 1173663_630734386946624_483811107_n 1185180_630733740280022_1218366919_n

Sumber :

Syrian state television said soldiers found chemical materials on Aug. 24 in tunnels that had been used by rebels, rejecting blame for a nerve gas attack that killed hundreds this week and heightened Western calls for foreign intervention.


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