NU Sufi organization urges its followers not to be abstainers

The Central Board (Idarah ‘Aliyah) of so-called Jam`iyyah Ahlith Thoriqoh al-Mu’tabaroh an-Nahdliyyah (JATMAN) urged the followers and the leaders of sufi orders (tarekat) not to become abstainers in the upcoming 2014 general elections.

“Never become abstainers (golput) in the upcoming elections,” said the leader of JATMAN KH Abdul Mu’thy Nurhadi in a press release on Monday (17/3).

According to Kiai Abdul Mu’thy, tarekat followers must carefully and intelligently choose their representatives for the fate of the nation will depend on their capability in building the nation.

“Please pay more attention to the would-be legislators and leaders in order not to be influenced by anyone,” he said.

By examining and recognizing the legislative hopefuls, he added, there would be no less competent and poor leaders in the country.

“If we are not careful and become abstainers, there will likely be less trustworthy leaders that lead the country,” he said adding that any corruption in the country could no longer be tackled by the less competent leaders.

Meanwhile, General Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Said Aqil Siradj (Kang Said) called on all Nahdliyin (NU followers) not to be abstainers.

Kang Said said that as good citizens, the Nahdliyin should use their right to vote for considering that it is very fundamental to democracy and even in some countries it is a compulsory.

Kang Said also called on all Nahdliyin to pay more attention to those willing to be their representatives in parliament and choose the would-be members of parliament in accordance with a well-formed conscience.

Separately, National deputy coordinator of the People’s Voter Education Network (JPPR) Masykuruddin Hafidz urged all Indonesian citizens who are eligible to exercise their right to vote and not become golput or abstainers in the 2014 elections.

He said that abstaining was the same as throwing away the people’s money.

“The state has spent trillions to prepare for the legislative elections. Not exercising your right is the same as wasting that money, which came from taxpayers,” said Masykur in Jakarta recently.

According to him, the state was trillions away if public participation in the elections was low.

Masykur argued that increased turnout improved the chances of electing candidates with integrity to take seats in the House of Representatives. He said high turnout reduced the likelihood for candidates with poor track records to be chosen to represent the people.

“The nation’s dream of change would best be started by voting in the good people, not by abstaining,” he said, as quoted by

Masykur added that the public should also acknowledge that preparations for the elections have been relatively smooth, even if there were still shortcomings.

Editing by Sudarto Murtaufiq,public-m,dinamic-s,detail-ids,54-id,50878-lang,en-c,national-t,NU+sufi+organization+urges+its+followers+not+to+be+abstainers-.phpx


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